Mouhamed H. El Zufari, MD

About Dr. El Zufari

Dr. Mouhamed H. El Zufari, MD, embodies dedication and compassion as a family physician at Family Medicine Clinic and Women’s Health in The Woodlands, Texas. With a heritage deeply rooted in medicine and a personal commitment to advancing family health, Dr. El Zufari embarked on his journey to becoming a board-certified family physician at Damascus University College of Medicine in Syria.

His pursuit of excellence led him to further training through the University of Arkansas Area Health Education program in El Dorado, Arkansas. Beyond the confines of patient care, Dr. El Zufari actively engages in enhancing the medical community.

He served as a member of the Ethics Committee at Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Hospital as well as chairman of the Family Medicine Department, demonstrating his dedication to upholding ethical standards and advancing the field of family medicine.

Patients are privileged to experience Dr. El Zufari’s profound medical expertise, coupled with his empathetic approach and attentive listening skills. By realizing his aspiration to deliver accessible and compassionate family care, Dr. El Zufari serves as a steadfast source of support and guidance for his patients, ensuring their well-being and comfort are prioritized at all times.