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IV Therapy

IV therapy offers immediate relief from inflammation, fatigue, and dehydration. Offered by the team at Family Medicine Clinic and Women’s Health in The Woodlands, Texas, IV therapy delivers nutrients directly to your cells to offer the health boost you need. Call today to learn more about IV therapy or use this website to schedule an appointment online.

IV Therapy FAQs

What is IV therapy?2023-04-28T13:46:10+00:00

IV therapy is the process of delivering nutrients, like vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, directly into your body through your veins. The nutrients go straight into your bloodstream, where they positively affect cells and your well-being.

IV therapy is a superior way to deliver supplemental nutrients. If you take them orally, their potency is diminished during digestion. Much goes unabsorbed and what you do absorb takes time to get to the cells that need it.

Ingredients in IV therapy infusions include vitamins, magnesium, calcium, glutathione, and zinc. The fluids in an IV also hydrate you, which improves your energy and wellness.

What kinds of problems can IV therapy treat?2023-04-28T13:46:46+00:00

IV therapy improves your physical well-being. It can improve immunity and reduce inflammation. Reasons for seeking IV therapy include:

  • Fatigue and low energy
  • Dehydration
  • Intense athletic activity
  • Joint pain
  • Migraines
  • Illness, such as the flu
  • Diminished immunity

IV therapy may help ease the inflammation associated with certain chronic illnesses, like fibromyalgia and diabetes.

IV therapy may also be recommended to enhance athletic performance, improve skin and hair health, or be used for hangover recovery.

What happens during an IV therapy treatment?2023-04-28T13:47:14+00:00

Your provider does a thorough review of your medical history and symptoms before recommending IV therapy. They’ll advise which combination of nutrients will best help you reach your specific health goals.

You feel a slight pinch when the IV is gently inserted into your vein using a thin needle. The discomfort doesn’t last. You sit back and relax while the IV solution drips into your vein. Feel free to play on your phone, read, or nap. The procedure takes 30-60 minutes.

When will I notice the results of IV therapy?2023-04-28T13:47:42+00:00

You feel the effects of IV therapy almost immediately. If you’re having trouble getting over a cold or are dehydrated, you’ll get a quick burst of energy.

Regular IV therapy infusions can help you control symptoms of inflammation caused by chronic disease so you feel better daily.

Experience the benefits of IV therapy for yourself. Call Family Medicine Clinic and Women’s Health or use this website to schedule your appointment today.


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