Your providers at Family Medicine Clinic and Women’s Health aim to provide symptom relief during your allergy or asthma attacks and prevent flare-ups whenever possible.

You’ll receive guidance on how to avoid allergy and asthma triggers. For allergies, you may need to take oral antihistamines to control your symptoms. Daily allergy medications can prevent symptoms, too.

Depending on the type and severity of your allergy, your provider may recommend immunotherapy (allergy shots). For life-threatening allergies that cause anaphylaxis, your provider prescribes you an epinephrine pen to carry with you in case of emergency exposure.

A rescue inhaler helps people with asthma stop asthma attacks as they’re happening. Depending on the nature of your asthma and its severity, you may also use a daily inhaler that delivers medication to prevent asthma attacks.

Your provider may recommend a nebulizer — a machine that delivers medication through a mask — for severe cases of asthma and flare-ups.

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